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For shooters that train extensively, our remanufactured line offers rugged dependability in a tidy price. But donít let the price fool you. This ammo is built with the same commitment to performance and dependability found in our entire line so you can be rest assured youíre getting one of the finest values in the field today.
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.223 Remington
36 Gr. Varmint Grenade
Velocity 3750 FPS

40 Gr. Hornady V-MAX
Velocity 3600 FPS

50 Gr. Hornady V-MAX
Velocity 3300 FPS

52 Gr. Match HP
Velocity 3250 FPS

55 Gr. Full Metal Jacket
Velocity 3200 FPS

55 Gr. Soft Point
Velocity 3200 FPS

60 Gr. Soft Point
Velocity 3100 FPS

60 Gr. Hornady V-MAX
Velocity 3100 FPS

68 Gr. Heavy Match HP
Velocity 2850 FPS

69 Gr. Sierra Matchking
Velocity 2850 FPS

75 Gr. Heavy Match HP
Velocity 2750 FPS

77 Gr. Sierra Matchking HP
Velocity 2750 FPS
  Available in Molycoat
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